Cykic Software, Inc. is a small web development and hosting company in San Diego, CA, comprised of software developers with dreams of building the ultimate web tools for non-techie to expert users wanting a web presence.

What we lack in size, we have in endurance. Incorporated in 1988, Cykic has roots back to 1975 and the beginning of the micro computer "revolution". At that time, we released our flagship product MultiBase - a database-driven, networking platform supporting a dBase-like language. In 1994, Cykic became one of the first PC-based HTTP servers to service the web. Always the visionary, Cykic saw the need for web-based site builders with editable content as early as 2000 and since then, has strived to come up with the most user-friendly, easy-to-use, yet feature-packed and robust builder possible. 

Cykic Sites is our third generation Web Builder. We think we are finally getting it right!  We hope you agree.